ECCD European Center of Competence for Demography – for a better aging Europe

The European Center of Competence for Demography (ECCD) is a Europe-wide initiative of associations and institutions. The aim of the EDCC is to convey information, best practice examples and contact networks.

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ECCD – the Mission

Life expectancy of citizens in Europe is increasing while the birth rate is falling. This leads to an aging of the societies in the countries of Europe. This is accompanied by a variety of challenges that have been explored in numerous studies. Now, in the present and in the future, it is a matter of implementing projects that contribute to preserving and sustainably expanding the standard of living that the citizens have gained.

ECCD – the Team

Uwe-Matthias Müller (Speaker, Western Europe)

Dr. Bernhard Kleemann (Austria, South-East Europe)

Božena Kaminska (Scandinavia, Baltic States, Eastern Europe)


Competence Center for Demography in Europe

It is the first pan-European network led by the German Federal Association Initiative 50Plus. The management office is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The ECCD’s partners are political, scientific, economic, social, educational and health institutions that combine activities to build a common market to meet the challenges of demographic change in Europe.

The members of ECCD

The members of the ECCD are convinced that the citizens of all European countries need an equal chance to shape the third period of their lives in such a way that their human dignity is not violated or restricted by their social background, education, economic status, housing, center of life.

This requires jointly binding standards for shaping life in an aging society.

Rights for citizens

The members are convinced that there must be a right for citizens in Europe to a common minimum standard for a life in dignity in old age. This requires integration into social, cultural and economic life.

This new pan-European principle is based on the fundamental principles underpinning the EU and is intended to ensure competitiveness and innovation in Europe for future generations.

Coordinated efforts

The members are convinced that only by combining coordinated efforts will societies in Europe be able to make a sustainable transition to the future post-aging societies.

A coordinated age-appropriate adaptation of the use of human resources, infrastructure, digitization and globalization is already needed today.

ECCD activities for citizens

The members organize their activities in the form of Pan-European project portfolios, which correspond to the main objective of the foundation of ECCD:

  • Labour Market
  • Housing, living space, infrastructure
  • Securing the financial standard of living in old age
  • Adequate health care in town and country, social welfare and nursing

  • Internal and external security
  • Social participation
  • Dialogue between the generations

Our Partners

ECCD Ambassadors

Peter Escher

Dieter Hapel

Jan Peter Luther


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